I Go Hard In Tha Paint

I Go Hard In Tha Paint

I’m so bored guys. I don’t know what to do with my life.
This picture actually sucks.
I just felt like I have been slacking on posting pictures.
Not only am I slacking on posting them, I’m slacking at taking them.

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11 thoughts on “I Go Hard In Tha Paint

  1. Find a photography club in your area or a friend or two who enjoys photography. I find it very difficult to get out for photos and now do it on the spur of the moment and also help run a photography club for high school kids. It gives me more chances to get out and take some photos being with kids and I see things in different perspectives this way.

    • krissy116 says:

      Thank you for the idea! I would have never thought of that. I am a senior in high school and many of the girls at my school have actually been trying to put together a photography club. Our only problem was that a moderator (A teacher specifically) was needed in order for the club to be approved, but no teacher was willing to do it. Oh well, joining a local club sounds like a better alternative to me.(: Thanks again for the idea!

      • You can always do it outside of school. Set up a worpress website and use that to arrange things. If need be create a password protected one (I’ve gone down that route).

        Something else you can try. Have a meeting with the deputy head or head teacher. Explain what you want to do and that it would benefit the school as well. The school could request help from the club to cover school events and sports. As this is only the beginning more will join and when you guys leave school the club should have younger members to keep it going.

        Don’t give up to quickly. The art teachers might be interested in helping out. That’s what’s happening at ours. Myself and a art teachers are the mentors.

        Keep me posted and good luck!

    • krissy116 says:

      Hello Jacques, I would like to say thank you. Could you please read my post called, “Are you Somebody?” It will explain why I am appreciating your past comments.

      • Hi Krissy

        Just read it. Absolutely awesome news! Glad you went ahead and tried the local club before starting the school one. That was a valuable experience but don’t judge the old guys to badly. They will be slightly intrigued with you and want to protect their little club. Once they have leant to know you in would have been alright but the age gap would always be there as a little hindrance.

        So wow! The club is up and running. How are you guys doing it? Are you doing classes to teach the basics and more or is it a place to share the work and meet fellow folks into the same hobby?

        At my school the 6 seniors haven’t been helping get it off the ground so I’ve spoken to them and will be taking over to get a base down for the future. It was initially penned up to only the seniors to get it established and then pen it up the last 3 years of students. I’ll be doing that shortly and basically starting from scratch but I like photography enough to do this. We have a sore of 5 computers we can use with photosphere elements and illustrator on them which is a great bonus. The art teacher is a bit of a photoshop guru and will do a few classes to help folks learn it.

        Please catch up with me from time to time and let me know what happens.

        Have to say these words. I know I’m a stranger but I’m very proud that you did this and pulled it off!


      • Ps I hate predictive texting on a phone. There’s a few in the last message. Open,suite of computers, photoshop, etc.

  2. krissy116 says:

    I’m proud to say that the club is up and running now!! We decided that we would make it into a critique and discussion session. The first half of the meeting will always focus on our last assignment. We critique each others work and then have a question and answer session. Then the second half of the meeting will be assigning the next type of photography and going over tips and what to expect. It will basically be a cycle, each meeting is focused on our last assignment. So I guess it is more of a “share each others work” kind of thing. I’m really excited! I really am nervous on how it will go though, since we are all beginners and I only have the help of two other seniors. We had 20 students sign up (not including sophomores, they were testing). But yeah, I will definitely keep you updated! Thank you for showing such interest! I hope all goes well for your club as well! That’s great that you all have the computers and photoshop! What a bonus! Like I said, I hope all goes well for you! Keep me updated as well!! (:

  3. SO how did it go the past year? Our club ended up dying a slow death. I will try again when the new term starts.

    • krissy116 says:

      My club ended up dying a slow death too, unfortunately. I got really caught up with school work and such. Esp been busy looking for housing for college and preparing for college. Plus it’s pretty hard to keep a club going when you only have 200 people in your school and only like .5% actually has an interest in photography. Oh well, college has a lot more to offer!! Good luck to you when the new term starts! (:

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