To The Girl suffering from Trichotillomania

To the girl suffering from Trichotillomania,

Do you see that you are beautiful? Don’t tell yourself that you are not. People will judge you and talk about you, but those are the people who don’t understand. You might feel like no one understands. Your parents. Your friends. Or maybe even a doctor. You may be confused, lost, alone, ashamed, terrified, or depressed. “What’s wrong with me?” “Why am I like this?” “How did this even start?” “Why is it that I do this?” “Will it ever end?” Please make it stop – These are the things that repeat through your head. Are they not? You believe that you will never regain yourself. You are ashamed. What will people think of me if they were to find out? You have tried distractions to keep yourself from your compulsive behavior. Nothing seems to work. You have tried medication, it seems to make it worse. What do you do? Continue to hide it. Well, of coarse. People will always judge and gossip. No one seems to know why you wear a wig, or extensions, or maybe even fake eyelashes. Maybe you are stuck stenciling in your makeup each and every day. How weird does a person look without eyebrows, right? And each time your beautiful hair starts to grow back, it’s gone in a heartbeat. After all of the holding back and determination, you all of the sudden find yourself tugging at your hair. Then the addiction kicks in. Then you find yourself ripping your hair out. Is it anxiety, depression, fear, stress, or even just simply boredom. Maybe it is all of these things. You may not realize for the first couple seconds or even minutes, but when you do you just can’t seem to pull away. Is this what you really want? Your a slave to your obsession. You’re helpless.

Beautiful girl, it will one day end. It’s a battle. You can overcome. You have to be willing to fight though. I’m telling this to you because I know what it is like. I have suffered. I just want it to end. I know you do too. One day it will. There’s no need to be afraid. The people who you tell this to will ultimately show you what kind of person they are. The people who are true to you will try their best to understand and accept. Do not be mad at those who do not understand because they have never experienced what you have experienced. They do not know your struggles. And when someone turns their back on you, that is the moment you discover they are not worth being in your life. It’s a treasure to know who really is there for me and I appreciate the support I have received from my friends. Most importantly, my boyfriend, since he has given me the most support of them all.

To the girl suffering Trichotillomania. To you. There will be an end to it. You have fight it though. What seems to be the impossible can be made possible. Keep your head up. I am looking forward to the day I overcome this obsession. One day, we will both get where we are going. Just don’t give up now.

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2 thoughts on “To The Girl suffering from Trichotillomania

  1. bpaek410 says:

    Reblogged this on "My World" and commented:
    Thought this would hopefully help some people. Give them some hope.

  2. Stay strong, Kristen. If you need me, you know where I am. I love you!

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