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I Fear

I fear
That all of this cheer
will one day be lost
and hurt the one so dear.
You see,
I’ve been exposed to years
of unjustified tears
where love is about yourself
And everything is “I’m” not “We’re”
Manipulating becomes easy
when you’ve practice to steer
one’s emotions to the ground
To make your point domineer.
And you overlook the little things
they do, regardless of how sincere
because you nit pick the negative
as if it is a career.
It almost rubs off on me
I want it to disappear
I don’t want broken love
I want our love to be sheer
delight and affection
nothing more than crystal-clear
I promise to not let it take over
I promise to persevere
Even if you were to do me wrong
I promise, I will always hold you near.
I promise to overcome this dreading
Fear that I fear

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Learning to Love

It hurts to think
what may happen
All lost in a blink
But why would it happen?

Perhaps I don’t mean
to be so negative
But I expect the worst
Just being preventative

Though, I keep my hopes high
As I’ve learned to trust
Cause feelings can die
Learning to love is a must

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A relationship that is

A relationship that is
Desperate and apart
is a relationship that is
a dagger to the heart
Love is understanding
Love is total and free
Love is always beings there
So why can you not see?

Love is always being there
When everything falls apart
When the people who say love you most
Leave you in the dark

In the dark is where I will stay
If it means staying with you
We will make light of it
Light that will break through

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If a flower was the size
Of a multistory tower
If every vision deceived the eye
Would it eventually over power?

If we dreamed of an universe,
Where these things could never be.
Would things be considered worse?
Or would they be a pleasure to see?

Everything that was wrong was right
And everything that was right was wrong.
Every moral thing there ever was,
Just did not belong.

What if I told you,
That we are already half way there.
In a world full of deception
In a world of despair.
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The One

He attempts to understand

My abstruse mind.
I will always cherish him
Since he is one of a kind.
He treats me like royalty.
What have i done to deserve
Such a prince like him,
Who always puts me first.
Amazing, kind, and heavenly
Are all understatements, in fact.
Astonishing, charming, seraphic,
He sure is, everything beyond that.
He has captured my heart,
I don’t ever want it back.
He has my heart forever.
And I am positive of that.
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You think you know the girl, who wants to hide away.

Everyday, is in fact, a day of hidden pain.

Everything is just too complex, she doesn’t bother to explain.

You belittle her, since she refuses to say the things she locked away.

Day by day, by day. She’s the epitome of abstract. 

She’s different, She’s reclusive. 

A wolf apart from the pack. 

Is there something wrong with that?

Something you may ask. 

Life is precious, not set in stone.

Although, it is written in black.

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