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An Ode to Bailey

A bully dog, why yes you are

A breed of such bad name

Even though you hold a loving heart

You tend to get ganders of shame


I can not even fathom because

all you do is bring me joy

Why can’t others comprehend


Always wagging your tail plus

playing with your favorite toy

You are my four legged best friend

This is so spaced out because I copied and pasted this.
I had to write an Ode for my English class so this is not my typical poem.
But this is what I came up with. 

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I Fear

I fear
That all of this cheer
will one day be lost
and hurt the one so dear.
You see,
I’ve been exposed to years
of unjustified tears
where love is about yourself
And everything is “I’m” not “We’re”
Manipulating becomes easy
when you’ve practice to steer
one’s emotions to the ground
To make your point domineer.
And you overlook the little things
they do, regardless of how sincere
because you nit pick the negative
as if it is a career.
It almost rubs off on me
I want it to disappear
I don’t want broken love
I want our love to be sheer
delight and affection
nothing more than crystal-clear
I promise to not let it take over
I promise to persevere
Even if you were to do me wrong
I promise, I will always hold you near.
I promise to overcome this dreading
Fear that I fear

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If The Chance Was Never Given

If today was my last day
And the chance was never given
to say what I need to say
to say what has been hidden

A sorry to my past
To the past people I have hurt
To the ones who I’ve betrayed
To the ones who are down to earth

A thank you to my past
It’s from you who I have learned
And my mistakes that led me to
The things I have now earned

The here and now that I have earned
The people in my present
All time is of no return
So I cherish the time we’ve spent

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A relationship that is

A relationship that is
Desperate and apart
is a relationship that is
a dagger to the heart
Love is understanding
Love is total and free
Love is always beings there
So why can you not see?

Love is always being there
When everything falls apart
When the people who say love you most
Leave you in the dark

In the dark is where I will stay
If it means staying with you
We will make light of it
Light that will break through

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Sleep Paralysis

The darkness always haunts me
The silence of the night
Continues to taunt me
I fear i may awake; Paralyzed
Starring down at me
Demon eyes
It lingers in my peripheral vision 
A shadow object
Within my delusion prison
As the shadow creeps closer
I can only anticipate
This terror to be over
This dreadful fear of mine
Clarifies why 
I lie awake at night
Why the darkness always haunts me
Why the silence of the night
Continues to taunt me


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At Night

It’s about that time of night
Last kiss of the day
Our usual goodbye

Standing under the starry sky
My arms wrapped around you
Holding you tight

You pick me up
My weight seems so light
Everything is perfect as
I look into your eyes

Reflecting the starlight
Your eyes seem to glisten
Your sight is my delight
Loving you is my mission

It’s so hard to let go
It feels so right
If a moment could last forever
I would make it last tonight
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Train of Thought

Right about now
My thoughts drift on a cloud
Here for a second and vanish somehow
An idea all of the sudden
They come by the dozen
Cease to exist 
In the push of a button


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A man with struggles, troubles, and pain
A man that lives a life of shame
Standing on the edge in the pouring rain
Ready to admit and take the blame

He closes his eyes and takes a breath
He wishes forgiveness preceding his death
His mind is made that there is nothing left
His mind is made, he takes his last step

As he is about to see what hasn’t been seen
It is his last chance to be redeemed 
Mercy may be found somewhere between
The bridge and the stream


I was inspired to write this because of St. Augustine.
“In thinking about a man who fell into a river and drowned, Saint Augustine commented in his Confessions that ‘the mercy of God may be found between the bridge and the stream'” (DeMarco 155).
Just to clarify, I’m still agnostic.
Just open minded.

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If a flower was the size
Of a multistory tower
If every vision deceived the eye
Would it eventually over power?

If we dreamed of an universe,
Where these things could never be.
Would things be considered worse?
Or would they be a pleasure to see?

Everything that was wrong was right
And everything that was right was wrong.
Every moral thing there ever was,
Just did not belong.

What if I told you,
That we are already half way there.
In a world full of deception
In a world of despair.
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Follow Your Dreams

“Follow your dreams,” They say.
“No that’s too far away.”
The living, the expenses, the sacrifice
Is all too much to pay.
Follow my dreams, they suggest.
Since I know what’s best.
Take what I have to offer,
Take the burden off your chest.

“Maybe I want the burden.
The stress, hardships, and test.”
Says the one who’s determined.
“I may not know what is best.”
It something that’s rewarded,
Yeah, it’s a strenuous quest. 
The journey’s far. The quest is hard.
In the end, one has progressed.

So what happened to “Follow your dreams”?
Does is matter that it’s something to achieve?
Are you not willing to help?
Are you not willing to see?
It pays off in the end,
if only you’re willing to bend.
So let one achieve their dreams.
One’s dreams you can not recommend. 

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Gary D Holdaway

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