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Are You Somebody?

I have been a part of the same high school for over four years now. I started in eighth grade and now I am a senior. In eighth grade, my fellow classmates had the idea of starting a photography club. At the time I was interested in joining, but the club never went through. Each year, this seemed to be a small concern. We would discuss it among each other, but never did anything about it. This year is my senior year. My last year. My interest in photography has increased significantly this past year. Recently (In october; nearly a month ago), I have complained about my one of my photos on here. A fellow wordpress blogger suggested that I join a photography club in my area. Where I live, I would not have imagined there to be a photography club around, but there was. I went to one of the meetings to check it out and everyone there was around 20-50 years older than me. I would not have minded the fact that they are older, but I just did not feel very welcome there. I knew I would not go back. Instead, I have finally realized something. Maybe I need to step up and do something. My school mates have been wanting a photography club, but they never did anything about it. With the help of a couple friends, I was able to organize and put together a Photography Club for my school. I asked one of my fellow teachers to moderate it and then got it approved by Admin. Today, we held our signup meeting and I was nervous that not many students would actually come. It was a shock though. The classroom was basically filled. I am terrible at speaking in front of people. I suddenly become dyslexic and I sort of blank out, like whenever you walk into a room and forget why you walked into the room. But that was not the case. Although I was still extremely nervous, it all went well in the end. I just hope that the members remain interested and the club is passed down whenever I graduate. I thank those people that have encouraged me and helped me.

“I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that…”

“..Then I realized I am somebody.”

Are you somebody? 

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