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Follow Your Dreams

“Follow your dreams,” They say.
“No that’s too far away.”
The living, the expenses, the sacrifice
Is all too much to pay.
Follow my dreams, they suggest.
Since I know what’s best.
Take what I have to offer,
Take the burden off your chest.

“Maybe I want the burden.
The stress, hardships, and test.”
Says the one who’s determined.
“I may not know what is best.”
It something that’s rewarded,
Yeah, it’s a strenuous quest. 
The journey’s far. The quest is hard.
In the end, one has progressed.

So what happened to “Follow your dreams”?
Does is matter that it’s something to achieve?
Are you not willing to help?
Are you not willing to see?
It pays off in the end,
if only you’re willing to bend.
So let one achieve their dreams.
One’s dreams you can not recommend. 

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Gary D Holdaway

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